'Beauty and The Beast' Just as Good as Animated Version: Cogill

While there have been many renditions of "Beauty and the Beast", none until now have compared to the 1991 version with Robbie Benson.

Refresh for latest...: Disney's live-action Beauty And The Beast waltzed into its first suite of overseas markets on Thursday, setting the table with $11.5M at the worldwide box office. Did it win you over? For the most part, overall, I felt like this adaption improved upon every flaw the animated movie ever had. There also are unexpected supplemental details that augment the story, in all positive ways, and perhaps paying homage to the original book, "La Belle et la Bête" by Madame Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve. You usually can see the prince just under the surface. I may have loved this movie more than a typical movie goer, as I have been a massive fan of it for a long time.

Beauty and the Beast is specially formatted and presented in its entirety in an expanded 1.9:1 aspect ratio. "They don't think women should read and it goes further than that", she said. This movie even alludes to the haunting Jean Cocteau version from 1946. That rings truer, if you ask me. The scene in which the castle's enchanted objects battle the villagers is alone worth the price of admission. Also, now that I think about it, I could have done without one of the newest original songs because it didn't really serve much objective to the film other than for the sake of having another musical number.

The fact that Beauty and the Beast contains a scene between two male characters which director Bill Condon has described as showing a "gay moment" has already been widely reported in the media and has resulted in reaction such as a drive-in theater in Alabama, U.S.A. deciding not to screen the film, as well as the movie receiving a 16-plus rating in Russian Federation.

EW's Anthony Breznican penned a thoughtful essay from a father's perspective on LeFou's character progression.

If you loved the first one, you'll find that the feature-film version is a beauty, too.

Edwin: I seriously doubt it.

"What we know is that about 17 percent of the films released by the big studios have LGBTQ inclusion - and most of it negative inclusion, where it's either the punching bag or the punchline". I advise staying away from 3D, because while the added depth could enhance some scenes, the loss of brightness concomitant with 3D conversions is likely to make the many already-dark scenes practically invisible.

In EW's recent cover story, the actress and director Bill Condon tell EW about how Belle's quiet village views her inquisitive mind as a threat. What aspects DID you like? Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson, Stanley Tucci all lend their voices with Thompson taking over from Angela Lansbury beautifully. And I want to visit that insane new castle with all its precipices and catwalks.

The most enjoyable aspect of this film though is what was also the animated film's strongest point as well, which was the musical numbers. I give it an A-minus. Vote with your dollars and support original filmmaking instead of nostalgic cash-grabs.

  • Ernesto Newman