Senator John Cornyn Calls for Confirmation of Judge Gorsuch Ahead of Hearing

Senator John Cornyn Calls for Confirmation of Judge Gorsuch Ahead of Hearing


Republican lawmakers from western states said Thursday that Judge Neil Gorsuch's record of supporting the sovereignty of tribal nations could play a big role in winning Senate confirmation to the Supreme Court. Steve Daines of Montana and Cory Gardner of Colorado, and Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma, praised Judge Gorsuch as a nominee who understands the importance of Indian-country issues.

Schumer appeared on Capitol Hill with several individual plaintiffs that Gorsuch ruled against in his position as a judge on the Denver-based 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

As a lawyer at a Washington law firm in the early 2000s, Judge Gorsuch represented Mr. Anschutz, his companies and lower-ranking business executives as an outside counsel.

From June 2005 to August 2006, Gorsuch served as the principal deputy to the associate attorney general under former President George W. Bush.

Gorsuch's confirmation hearing begins Monday.

"After a comprehensive review of Judge Gorsuch's record, we have concluded that his views on civil rights issues are fundamentally at odds with the notion that LGBT people are entitled to equality, liberty, justice, and dignity under the law", it said in a letter first reported by BuzzFeed Thursday. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer - were in office at the time.

"Neil Gorsuch may act like a neutral, calm judge, but his record and his career clearly show he harbors a right-wing, pro-corporate, special-interest agenda", Schumer said.

The Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation, which developed the list of potential Supreme Court nominees from which Mr. Trump selected Judge Gorsuch, receive funding from Mr. Anschutz.

"Judge Gorsuch's articulated judicial philosophy is far outside the legal and social mainstream, and would significantly disrupt Americans" expectations about the rights that they enjoy under the Constitution", Gorsuch said.

Senate Democrats have the option to filibuster Gorsuch, meaning that he could need 60 votes to win confirmation.

On Wednesday, Schumer warned Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., against changing Senate rules to allow Gorsuch's confirmation. He said he is leaning against voting for Gorsuch.

  • Jack Replman