Former Power Rangers actor pleads to killing roommate

Ricardo Medina Jr, who starred as the Red Power Ranger, stabbed his roommate Josh Sutter in the abdomen with a Conan the Barbarian-style sword in January 2015.

Ricardo Medina, 38, faces up to six years in prison for the bloody death of his roommate, Josh Sutter, in 2015, reports TMZ.

The argument turned physical and Medina fatally stabbed Sutter multiple times with a sword. Detectives reported Medina and Sutter had argued over the way Medina's girlfriend had parked the vehicle just before Medina stabbed Sutter with a sword.

Medina now faces a maximum of six years in prison when he is sentenced on March 30.

While no picnic, to say the least, that's a far cry from the life sentence Medina was looking at when he was arrested on a murder charge in January 2016. Medina claimed he acted in self-defence.

TMZ reported previous year that Sutter's family believed Medina was charged with murder because evidence didn't back up his self-defense story. As things unfortunately escalated, Medina grabbed a sword they had around the apartment and started repeatedly stabbing Sutter, who died soon afterward.

According to The Guardian, Medina and Sutter got into an argument. "You have an individual here that was the victim of a beating in the kitchen area before he went to the bedroom and closed and locked the door in order to secure himself from any continuing violence".

He later reappeared as the villain Deker in Power Rangers Samurai in 2011 and its follow-up Power Rangers Super Samurai in 2012.

He has also appeared in an episode of ER and one of CSI: Miami.

  • Ernesto Newman