Documents: Flynn paid thousands by Russian interests

RT, a Kremlin-backed project formerly known as Russia Today, also paid for him and his son Michael Flynn travel to Moscow and stay in one of the city's most luxurious hotels.

New documents have emerged detailing former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn's financial ties to Russian companies, including the USA subsidiary of Russian cybersecurity group Kaspersky Lab.

Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, released checks, emails and invoices that showed Flynn was paid nearly $34,000 to attend the event by RT. "Flynn.pdf"> requesting information from the bureau relating to Flynn's speaking engagements or appearances "in connection with RT, any agent or affiliate of RT, or any agent or instrumentality of the Russian government".

Cummings wrote a letter addressed to Trump, Secretary of Defense James Mattis and FBI Director James Comey highlighting the payment documentation and questioning whether Flynn appropriately revealed the financial arrangements when he completed his form SF-86, an official document required by anyone seeking a security clearance for a position in government.

Earlier this month Flynn filed paperwork to register as a foreign agent after receiving $530,000 from Turkish entities previous year during the campaign.

Flynn, 58, also was paid $530,000 a year ago to lobby for Turkey while he was advising Trump during the billionaire real estate mogul's campaign.

Trump forced Flynn's resignation last month over misleading statements Flynn made to Vice President Pence about his conversations with Russia's ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak. The lawmakers pointed to a report released in January by the U.S. intelligence community concluding that Russia Today, as part of Russia's "state-run propaganda machine", served as "a platform for Kremlin messaging to Russian and global audiences".

Flynn, who served as the director of Defense Intelligence Agency from 2012 until he was sacked from the job in 2014, still had a top-level national security clearance when he performed the work in 2015.

The publication said they were USA subsidiaries of the private companies.

"I'm not a G2 guy, but I feel like I'd remember receiving "$68,000 in fees and expenses from Russia-related entities in 2015", including $11,250 from a cybersecurity firm rumored to be connected to USA election hacking.

Democrats on the oversight panel previously sought documentation of such approval and said the Department of Defense told them there was none. The department has also noted that the prohibition on accepting foreign gifts includes commercial groups controlled by foreign governments or others "considered instruments of the foreign government".

Leading Authorities redacted information about Flynn's other speaking engagements in 2015 that were presumably not connected to Russian Federation.

"Basically, [Flynn] was acting as an employee basically of the Russian government, but at the same time he was working and getting the secrets from President Trump", Cummings said Thursday.

Separately, the Army is looking into the matter of Flynn's reporting and compensation, but has found no answers yet, according to spokesman Col. Flynn was paid $45,386 ($33,750 after "an agency commission) according to new documents obtained by a congressional oversight committee".

  • Elsie Buchanan