Almost Here! Dave Chappelle's Netflix Trailer

His stint on Saturday Night Live proved that even though comedy changes so quickly, Chappelle's style has remained hilarious. If the trailer for his upcoming specials, both available to stream on Netflix as of March 21, is any indication, Dave Chappelle's glorious return has a theme, and that theme is awful, terrible death. This time around we get a short look at what to expect as Mr. Chappelle is seen getting into politics, societal issues and more.

The shows were filmed in two locations - Austin, TX, and Los Angeles - and contain material that is, at Netflix describes it, from his "personal comedy vault". Stay Tuned for much more on this and more from Netflix coming very soon! In the video, Chappelle covers everything from ISIS to O.J. Simpson. And as Netflix' first trailer proves, the comedy legend hasn't stopped courting controversy with his jokes.

"All manner of things kill white people".

The two specials premiere on Netflix on March 21.

Chappelle's last stand up special came in 2004, titled For What It's Worth. However, Chappelle is now on the road for performances that will be used for a third Netflix special which will hopefully be a little more timely.

  • Elsie Buchanan