Viral video dad breaks silence on 'comedy of errors' clip

Days after his BBC video went viral, Professor Robert E. Kelly finally shared what went on inside his head when his kids adorably crashed the interview.

Kelly confessed they were "a little worried" that the unexpected interruption might jeopardize their relationship with the network. Mr Kelly, an associate professor of political science at Pusan National University, said he found the video "terribly cute" and complimented his wife for doing a "great job" attempting to manage "a really unanticipated situation".

"Most of the time he locks the door", Kim Jung-A laughed.

After the cheeky interruption, the video of the interview spread like wildfire on the internet - amassing millions of views online and becoming the subject of countless memes and opinion columns around the world. They could be heard but not seen long after the door closed. I hope they stop arguing.

The American academic said his minor mistake of not locking the door to his office made their family instantly famous.

Kelly is an global relations expert and political science professor at Pusan National University in South Korea. Apparently, Marion had been watching her dad's interview on TV with her mum - who was filming it on her phone - when she recognised the study and went to look for her dad while her mum was distracted.

"It was some chaos for me".

Also, they added that they were anxious that BBC would never call them again after the spontaneous incident. She was in a hippity-hoppity mood that day because of a school party. Of course, in the background the kids are still adorably messing about, get to know the family better from the clip below. We are just a regular family, and raising two young children can be a lot of work.

- The rest of the family had been watching Kelly on the live BBC interview in the living room of their Busan, South Korea, high-rise, and the couple speculates that Marion recognized her father's office and made a decision to visit.

On a more serious note, Kim brushed off concerns that many viewers assumed Kim was the children's nanny.

Kim Jung-A said she hoped people could just enjoy the video and reiterated: "I'm not a nanny".

  • Ernesto Newman