Tuned In: 'This is Us' teases Jack's fate

A large reason for that is the all-to-real plot lines the writers have crafted that bring viewers to tears.

The adventures of the Pearson clan will continue for at least two more seasons; NBC has ordered 18 episodes for each season.

While Jack and Rebecca didn't eternally breakup forever, we saw a different kind of split between the Pearsons, with Rebecca saying it was time for them to take a rest.

Being pregnant can at times be terrifying. Rebecca returned home heartbroken, the singing career she'd been trying to reboot in shambles - not just because of Jack, but Ben also made a pass at her. The next morning, the two talk and Rebecca thinks it's a good idea for Jack to stay with Miguel. Ever the gentleman, Brown gently took her hands and told her, "A bird released on your head". Jack realizes he's more like his father than he thought.

OK, phew, I'm glad Mandy Moore doesn't think I'm a big weirdo.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 32-year-old Rebecca Pearson actress said if fans want to ship her with her co-star, she's totally cool with that. She's come through a period where she's finally beginning to deal with some of her internal damage, and also: What does she really want from her life? Cue sobs and sniffles over how unbelievable Jack is.

(*) We got to meet Rebecca's nice but boring date, but not his. The tears flowed harder when Dr. Katowski sat down with Jack to offer his support. And sure enough, "Moonshadow" ended without touching on Jack's death, despite the fact that almost the entire hour was devoted to Jack and Rebecca. That infant is Randall, and without the pair, no one knows what his fate would have been. It is not an easy show to watch.

After Dr. Katowski is involved in a serious auto accident at Christmas we see him with Randall discussing how he came to be part of the Pearson family. If you already subscribe, thank you.

The rest was filler and teasing us with Jack's death which they had been for weeks.

I don't know what to attribute that to other than I just really love Milo. There's more to see of Rebecca and the big three. When asked by his young nieces to explain death, Kevin showed them a painting he did that he felt proved that a life never truly ends.

However, Fogelman told the fans that they're optimistic about the couple's love story when the second season of the NBC show opens. I think maybe that's the point of the whole thing. I believe that watching This Is Us will help teach our daughter about resilience and survival, about the enduring bond of family, and about the importance of letting those we love know how we feel. It's possible that there was a fired that destroyed the house, and Jack with it. After a while, though, the show mostly moved on from that - though there would still be twists from time to time, like the revelation that Kevin had really gone to NY to reunite with Sophie (and that he had been married to Kate's former best friend) - as the ratings seemed to give Dan Fogelman and company confidence in the idea that the audience simply liked these characters, surprises or no.

- Ventimiglia is a father figure on set and off. Watson shared that her nickname for Ventimiglia is "Papa Bear" because he's always looking out for everyone.

"No way", Moore said after hearing the fan theory. You're all going to have wait a little longer.

How do you think Jack died?

She said you two purposely kept your distance, literally and figuratively. The scene ends with her letting out a gut-churning scream that's full of every emotion possible. William's cancer, Randall's anxiety, Toby's heart failure, ect. You have a dad who gave up his son, went on to clean up his act and is dying. So there's a real satisfaction in terms of Kate. They had to say their goodbyes in a hospital on the road. We are still trying to process Randall's loss of his birth father, William, so soon after they formed their handsome relationship.

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