Hunt for venomous cobra underway in Florida neighborhood

Hunt for venomous cobra underway in Florida neighborhood


A poisonous monocle cobra escaped from an Ocala home Monday night and was still on the run - or the slither?

Monocled cobras are native to southeast Asia and are apparently so incredibly venomous that you need to have a freaking permit to own one.

He says the snake jumped at him when he lifted the cover of its cage, and then slithered away.

Brian Purdy is one of the more than 280 people in Florida who are licensed to own the unsafe animals. He reported his pet missing just after 11 p.m., wildlife officials said. "(I) kept listening for it", Nina Snyder, who lives nearby, said.

Purdy told investigators that his apprentice, who was learning how to handle venomous snakes, was watching the reptile when it escaped.

"Tiffany Wheeler said", I literally found out ten minutes ago and I left work and come here.

FWC is urging people in the area of the snake's home - 900 block of NE Ninth Street - to "use caution" until the cobra is captured. We're not sure why no one can find it - judging from its social media presence, all FWC needs to do is ping where the posts are coming from.

Neighbors living on Northeast 9th Avenue in Ocala say they woken up Tuesday morning, when Ocala Police officers knocked at their doors.

Purdy said he wasn't home when the snake escaped. "From what I understand, it wasn't a caging issue".

"Be aware that this snake is extremely venomous". Purdy has a venomous reptile permit license.

The cobra belonged to Mike Kennedy, host of the Discovery Channel's "Airplane Repo", and he was licensed to have the cobra, according to FWC.

A local veterinarian is conducting tests to try to find out if it may have eaten the escaped snake.

Orlando stations report Kennedy entered a no contest plea Wednesday.

Anyone who sees the snake should stay at a safe distance and immediately call the FWC's Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-3922 (FWCC) or *FWC or #FWC on cellphones.

  • Jack Replman