American Forces In Syria Are Attackers: Assad

European Union officials say the Middle East states agreed they did not want a frozen conflict in Syria or have it break apart, as it would continue to feed instability on their doorstep for years. It's not happened but, still, we fight until we reach democracy in Syria. And once it does, it likely will take months to defeat IS in its Syrian stronghold, much as the battle to wrest from Mosul from IS in neighboring Iraq has taken months and is not yet over.

The 28-nation bloc, which Mogherini said has spent 9.4 billion euros on various Syria-related projects over the last six years, has threatened not to pay for reconstruction work should Moscow and Damascus crush the Western-backed opposition entirely.

This week, the America - led coalition announced that around 400 additional United States forces had deployed to Syria to help with the Raqqa campaign and to prevent any clash between Turkey and Washington-allied Syrian militias that Ankara sees as a threat.

The possible deployment was first reported by the Washington Post, which said the extra forces would come from the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit and the US Army's 82nd Airborne Division.

"For the base in Syria to be useful, it must be within about 20 miles of the operations US-backed forces are carrying out", the Post wrote. A Russian and Turkish brokered ceasefire agreed at the end of 2016 has barely been observed by either rebels or government forces, who blame each other for continuous outbreaks of violence.

But in the meantime, the ramping up of United States forces in Syria adds another powerful actor to Syria's mix and deepens the diplomatic complexities the Syrian conflict presents.

"It was good", he said, "but it's going to be on the rise because when a country like China proves that it's a real friend, a friend that you can rely on, it's very natural to have better relation on the popular level, not only on the formal level". The Syrians want peace, they deserve it, as they want and deserve to finally have the possibility to shape the future of their country. While the effort to take Raqqa is expected to be successful, the aftermath will likely look similar to the current situation in Manbij, where US troops are attempting to keep a tenuous peace between warring allies, pro-Syrian forces, and Russian military forces backing Assad. The coalition has seen signs of ISIS disarray in mounting a defense because of infighting between foreign-born ISIS fighters and the Iraqi militants of the terror group, he said.

The Assad regime doesn't have the forces to hold parts of the country it hasn't controlled in years, and the Sunni Arab population wouldn't easily accept either government forces or Kurdish forces even if they were up to the task.

  • Elsie Buchanan