Overwatch hero Orisa joins the roster next week

This doesn't necessarily mean that the Overwatch team is done tweaking Orisa, as they have already decreased her magazine size and increased her ultimate cost, but it means that, ready or not, she will be live in one week from today.

It seems more likely that some kind of tie-in title, based in the Overwatch universe could arrive on the Switch instead, however, Blizzard have yet to reveal any plans for the new console. Orisa has been tested on the PC version of Overwatch for the previous two weeks, but on the March 21 she'll be available on all versions of the game. Her serve and protect artificial intelligence renders her quite the capable tank, joining the lineup to fight the good fight.

Here's the aforementioned Overwatch video, in which the designers talk a bit more about the development of Orisa. Her main weapon, meanwhile, is a Fusion Driver cannon that delivers sustained damage, but slows Orisa's movement while firing.

Orisa launches a graviton charge which she can detonate, slowing nearby enemies and pulling them towards the explosion. Orisa isn't selfish though: Another ability, Protective Barrier, allows her to launch a shield that protects her teammates from enemy fire. Sombra was the game's new offence addition, Ana was unveiled as a support character, and Orisa as a tank, making it possible to play as a new defensive hero next.

  • Patricia Jimenez