Significant changes have staff check on April the giraffe

The world's favorite pregnant giraffe was doing "great", Saturday morning, according to her keepers. These wax caps are removed before the delivery. The mama giraffe "continues to progress", the zoo said - though a winter storm and more "baby kicks" may make April a bit anxious in the coming days.

On March 12, Animal Adventure Park posted on its Facebook page an update of the pregnant giraffe's status, showing a photo of the giraffe's wax caps.

April's keepers spotted "significant baby/belly movement" at about 3 a.m. and again at 7 a.m. and her udders appear to be growing, if only subtly as giraffes do not "bag out" like cows, goats, pigs or other animals during lactation, the zoo said.

Due to the extreme cold, the giraffes will remain inside, but the zoo encouraged followers to sit tight, stay warm and relax.

On Friday, April's baby was captured "kicking out", a hopeful sign. Her handlers also noticed a that the giraffe experienced a tail-raising because of the pressure. When she finally gives birth, her calf's front hooves will come out first, followed by the snout.

April's seemingly extended pregnancy drew more than 100,000 viewers to the live stream on YouTube Monday.

Nevertheless, April is in "great physical and mental condition", and the vets who have been monitoring her say they're pleased with her progression. The park restored the video stream Saturday evening. Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch had live streamed the video of April giving birth on YouTube for those not in the know.

Giraffes' gestation period are longer than humans at 14 to 15 months. The calf will weigh around 150 pounds and be approximately 6 feet tall at birth. He has also launched an online contest of naming April's fourth giraffe calf once it is born.

  • Lila Blake