Hackers release proof-of-concept Nintendo Switch jailbreak

"On the one hand, we could see much clearer models of the visuals already offered (much like the fan-made, 1080p version)". We're asking consumers a lot of questions. A few upcoming multi-platform games are set to cost more on Switch than on competing consoles, and Nintendo's decision to go with the cartridge format seems to be the culprit. There are those who claim that the left Joy-Con has sync issues. "But a shallow roster of launch games beyond Zelda along with no concrete plan for legacy retro games leaves the Switch feeling more like a blank slate of unfulfilled potential on day 1".

"At Nintendo of America, we were the initial market that was pushing for the idea of a second dock". If seeing is believing, the Nintendo Switch should inspire a quite a following of faithful. But, the discovery of a major browser vulnerability at such an early stage (just within two weeks of its launch) in the Nintendo Switch is of grave concern.

However, while some of these issues are simply due to console's lack of power, others are related to a problem in the most unlikely place. The first is certainly the most underrated: the Nintendo community.

That said, the issue doesn't seem to be one of some Joy-Con controllers having issues, so much as all Joy-Con controllers having a relatively weak Bluetooth connection to the Switch console from afar.

Were you drawn in by the Switch? The Switch's minimal built-in storage - a meagre 32GB, a quarter of which stores the OS - necessitates the further purchase of a MicroSD card if you plan on buying digital games through the Nintendo eShop.

Having cloud saves of games could also provide users with the ability to switch between devices.

There are plenty of Nintendo Switch features that make the console worth investing in.

Nintendo has suggested a few workarounds. Don't sound the alarm bells on that, of course; I don't doubt that, like the first game, there will be a number of unique rollouts post-launch to keep people invested.

I just never got around to playing the original Splatoon, which is honestly one of my all-time biggest points of shame as a game critic. Meanwhile, the latter is still under investigation, with the team in a "fact-finding mode". Next month, we'll be getting the Temporal Battle Arena free DLC for the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

  • Todd Kelly