Google's Uptime app offers unique way of watching YouTube videos with friends

The latest project from that incubator is Uptime, a mobile app that lets you meet up with people, share YouTube videos with them, engage using stickers, and more.

While you're watching a clip on YouTube, your profile picture moves along a progress bar, together with profile images of your friends who are also watching the same video. Uptime adopts numerous social features commonly found in social video streaming apps like Periscope - live comments, reactions, etc. - and applies them to YouTube videos. It has a kitschy and fun interface, and you can react to the videos in real time with typed comments or animated emoji reactions. At South by Southwest, we got a look at the first project to come out of it, and somewhat surprisingly, it's an invitation-only, iOS-exclusive app for watching and sharing YouTube videos.

Inside the app, you browse videos in a feed consisting of content shared by people you follow in Uptime. Strangely, though, it is only available for iPhone and not Android... Uptime is actually different and the team has worked hard to ensure that watching YouTube videos on Uptime feels like a social experience.

Uptime is a place to share and watch videos together with friends. A checkbox notifies friends on the service when a video has been posted.

As a social experience, users can see which videos other users are watching in real-time, and they can also see which videos a user has previous watched. If you're watching a video using YouTube, no one will be able to see what you're watching.

Not without some limitations though; Uptime does not have a recording feature that lets you record or stream live. Download now from the App Store

  • Patricia Jimenez