Scarlett Johansson Becomes Ivanka In SNL's 'Complicit' Perfume Ad

In her fifth hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, Scarlett Johansson didn't have to do much in her finest moment on the show. "It's that condescending attitude that made people want to vote for Trump in the first place". The voiceover suggests Ivanka should have tried to hide from the spotlight if she was going to be silent on her father's questionable behavior, committed though she is to the president.

She appeared in a commercial for a new fragrance named "Complicit". "She's... Complicit", the faux ad states.

Host Scarlett Johansson played Ivanka in a glamorous spot reminiscent of Charlize Theron's ads for Dior J'Adore.

When Johannson asks Max the dog about his stance on abortion, she asks, "What about his record on women's rights?" The reflection? Alec Baldwin's Trump, rubbing color on his own pursed puss. "An advocate for women", the narrator says as women on screen look confused.

"SNL" last week ran a very similar sketch about Republicans being unwilling to stand up to President Donald Trump.

We love Scarlett Johansson when she's kicking ass in action films or as Black Widow in the Avengers franchise, but let's not forget that she's amusing as hell, too.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen if Alec Baldwin will return to his role as President Donald Trump. Devoted. Probably should have bounced after that whole Access Hollywood bus thing."This being a reference to the leaked 2005 video recording of Trump bragging about groping women".

"Complicit" isn't a fragrance just available for women. Because, can someone in Ivanka's unique position remain publicly reticent without effectively becoming a mouthpiece for her father?

  • Ernesto Newman