Celebrate Spring with Starbucks' New Pastel Coffee Cups

- amber whitten (@ambersometimez) March 9, 2017@Starbucksnews @Starbucks I ❤️ the new #SpringCups...

Fancy! Starbucks is set to release its first-ever pastel-colored cups for spring.

The coffee company announced Thursday that it's introducing three new cups for spring.

The cups come in three colours - pastel blue, yellow and green - making them just ideal for your Instagram feed.

And seriously these cups are simply perfection.

Indeed. Right now, it's hard to imagine ever getting sick of summer, but just think how excited people are to see those PSLs coming out at the end of - gasp - August. Each cup features a white dot with hand-drawn designs, including a sun and umbrella.

They will only be available for a limited time.

What that said, those who look forward to red cup season will definitely appreciate the colors.

The Starbucks seasonal cups will start showing up at the coffee chain's stores on March 16, which is four days before spring officially starts.

The bright-yellow (Venti), baby-blue (grande) and pale-green (tall) cups are the first time Starbucks has expanded on its seasonal holiday tradition.

  • Todd Kelly