Muhammad Ali Jr. Detained at Airport Again on Domestic Flight

Muhammad Ali Jr. Detained at Airport Again on Domestic Flight


Muhammad Ali Jr., who last month claimed that he had been stopped by border agents and questioned about his name and religion upon returning to the US from overseas, now says he was stopped and questioned again on Friday at Reagan National Airport in Washington, this time after having had come to the nation's capital to lobby against racial profiling and speak to lawmakers about his first detention.

The latest incident today however is been reported by 9 News as that Muhammad Ali Jr has actually been detained, as he was travelling to speak about been stopped previously at an airport in the Florida.

Muhammad Ali Jr., son of Muhammad Ali, and his mother Khalilah Camacho Ali traveled from Florida to Washington on Wednesday to speak to members of a congressional subcommittee on border security and about their ordeal of being stopped on February 7 at the Ft. According to her, Ali never even made it to regular old airport security before he was pulled aside.

Muhammad Ali's son was stopped and questioned again at another airport. and his lawyer says the TSA is lying by trying to minimize the incident.

Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democrat of Florida, was on the same flight and posted about the episode on Twitter, saying that Ali Jr. had been "detained again".

Mancini said the call lasted 20 minutes.

The first order, which temporarily stopped the entry of refugees and travellers from seven Muslim-majority countries, was the subject of more than two dozen lawsuits. They further added that he was not detained as they do not have the authority to carry out that action. He received a targeted pat down in the area of his jewelry and was let go.

"They say I couldn't board". After 11 minutes, he was eventually cleared and sent to the security checkpoint. He was reportedly meeting with lawmakers to discuss the Trump administration's latest version of the travel ban and his previous detention at another USA airport last month.

"When Mr Ali arrived at the checkpoint, his large jewellery alarmed the checkpoint scanner".

Ali Jr. said JetBlue employees were very apologetic and told him that it was DHS that was responsible for holding him up.

Critics claimed it discriminated against Muslims and violated the US Constitution, while the Trump administration said the measure was necessary to protect the US against terror attacks. He was eventually released after providing his USA passport.

"I got off the plane and was nearly at baggage claim when they stopped me and asked, 'What is your name, who named you and what is your religion, '" he said. "They asked me questions", he said. The forum was organized by Democratic lawmakers. They are also launching a "Step into the Ring" campaign to call for religious freedom.

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