Facebook Messenger Day, a Snapchat Stories Clone, Arrives on Android and iOS

Facebook is continually adding features to its Messenger platform, which is great for the many who use it.

Though it did provide a feature rich camera filled with fun lenses and stickers similar to the ones on which Snapchat built its success, Messenger previously did not offer a means of broadly sharing the photos and videos created with it. This feature is being rolled out globally to all Android and iOS users via an update, and you can manually check Google Play and App Store to see if the update has arrived or not. After you send a photo or video, you'll see the option to "add to your day".

Some users have taken to Twitter to complain about the update.

Facebook is trying to make Messenger an app you'll always want to open up and use. Instagram recently started showing fullscreen ads in its Stories feature.

With the addition of Messenger Day, Facebook now offers three major products featuring obvious copies of Snapchat's Stories - Instagram (600 million users), Whatsapp (1.2 billion users) and now Messenger (1 billion users). First, tap on the camera highlighted with a sun to celebrate this launch or the "Add to your day" button at the top of the inbox.

Lastly, Messenger Day makes it really simple to elegantly add text to your posts. Longer custom replies can also be made, like with other services, and all of them will appear in a Messenger thread while indicating which Day is being replied to. They can share their photos and videos with one person, multiple people, or their entire friends list.

While the feature has gone live today, it has been a while since Facebook has been expected to roll it out on the Messenger.

On Thursday the company announced Messenger Day, which works like Snapchat Stories by letting you post photos and videos to your profile that disappear after 24 hours. It was after back in October a year ago, when Facebook began testing the Messenger Day feature in Poland.

From your camera, capture a photograph or video and select the smiley face icon in the top right corner to add art and effects to the footage captured. If you choose to send your post to certain people instead of posting it to your Day, it will be sent directly to those people as a message.

You can also add to your day from a conversation you're having with a friend or group of people.

  • Patricia Jimenez