Marc and Jodie Emery Arrested in Dispensary Sweep

While he initially said it was not part of a raid, Toronto Police released information saying they were in fact raiding dispensaries in Toronto, Hamilton and Vancouver.

The couple's lawyer, Kirk Tousaw, confirmed that the self-proclaimed "Prince of Pot" and his wife were arrested at Toronto's Pearson airport on Wednesday and are now in custody in Toronto.

Marc Emery faces 15 counts, including conspiracy to commit an indictable offense, trafficking, possession for the goal of trafficking, and possession of proceeds of crime, while Jodie Emery is charged with five similar counts.

According to Tousaw's post, Marc and Jodie Emery are due at a bail hearing at Old City Hall in Toronto on Thursday morning.

Raids are also being conducted at Cannabis Culture shops in Ottawa and Toronto. The locations being raided include: Vancouver, Hamilton and Toronto.

The Emerys in-your-face approach to their unlawful business includes among other things monopolizing news conferences with police and politicians to harangue them about changing the law. Also hearing of raids at other Cannabis Culture franchise in ON.

"Dispensaries are doing an excellent job providing dignified access to cannabis without causing any harm to the local communities..."

The federal government is now working on legalizing recreational marijuana use in the country, though Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has repeatedly stated that current laws banning the drug still stand. The lawyer, however, said that he believes that Canada's current laws regarding marijuana run contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

It has been a very rough week for Marc and Jodie Emery as well as their chain of Cannabis Culture dispensaries across Canada.

Emery has been jailed several times, most notably in 2009 when he served over four years of a five-year sentence in a United States federal prison for selling mail-order cannabis seeds into the U.S.

  • Lila Blake