Lorde Just Dropped The Second Track 'Liability' From Her New Album

The track is a follow-up to her comeback single "Green Light", released last week. Listen to Lorde's "Liability" below. "It felt so unbelievable, writing it". She won her first Grammy at just 17 years old while the rest of her friends were back in high school. "I was in this cab alone listening to Higher by Rihanna because Anti had just come out", she said. "It felt nice to get it out".

Whereas Green Light is an upbeat refusal to rage against the past Liability is nearly a lullaby to a relationship past and has a melancholy-tinged mood in fitting with what we expected from the album title Melodrama. "People forget that breakups are so complex", she says.

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We think our hearts are going to break! Adding, that it really spoke to her because of where she was in her life at the time. "I'm proud of how complex it is". Jack Antonoff co-produced both tracks. He is an awesome person. It's a heartbreaking little number and another look at the overall tone of her forthcoming second studio album "Melodrama" which is out this summer. She laughs easily and often. I was very much a teen. Tell us in the comments! Up to this point, the song feels well-executed, mostly due to Lorde's gorgeous vocals and the anticipation-building, rather than jarring, pace change. And I was like, you know what, I could be Paul Simon in this moment.

  • Ernesto Newman