Honda's Fernando Alonso says everyone can win in F1 'except Honda'

In three days of testing, Alonso has completed just 148 laps of the Circuit de Catalunya, one less than Mercedes managed between its two drivers on Wednesday alone.

McLaren has been plagued by issues across the two four-day tests and, while their rivals have been clocking laps by completing multiple race and qualifying simulations, McLaren-Honda has been dealing with various failures within the power unit. They must solve the problems because they are not leaving the reputation of one of the best drivers ever and, it must also be said, one of the legendary teams of this sport. The Honda engine has no reliability and no power. From the analysis we can do compared to the other cars, around the corners we don't lose time in nearly all corners, but we're 30 /40 kph down in every single straight.

"So when you are 30kmh down on every straight it is hard to have a feeling on the vehicle. Everything feels good, but you don't know what is going to happen when you arrive at normal speed". It brings me more motivation to continue and to win, because I will not stop racing without a good feeling, and a good result that I think I deserve. I'm happy with the balance, I'm happy with how I attack the corner. I am happy with the balance, I'm happy how I attack the corner and I'm enjoying driving this vehicle, so I don't think that we are too far back on the chassis side. Alonso also noted that they are still discovering little things about the auto, but there is nothing to worry for Australia.

"We are a big team".

"We gained some performance in the chassis, but also a little bit in the engine".

"When you do more laps you discover other things".

The two-time world champion, who quit Ferrari to join McLaren ahead of its reunion with Honda two years ago, was even more outspoken with the Spanish media, reputedly telling reporters: "The team is all ready to win except Honda".

As for Alonso's obvious frustration this week, Vandoorne said: "Fernando and I talk a lot and we agree that we can not be frustrated, we have to work together to go forward and improve".

"This is not the Australia-spec engine but it's an evolution from what we had last week". We had hoped to close the gap over the winter. "The full power of our engine won't be seen until we all the problems we are experiencing are sorted".

"It's hard to know exactly where our pace is", said Vandoorne.

Until now, the Spaniard has been making no promises beyond his expiring McLaren-Honda contract.

  • Patricia Jimenez