Separating fact from fiction this World Kidney Day

"Being overweight increases your risk of developing kidney disease by 1.5 times and being obese doubles it". The foundation's new "Heart Your Kidneys" campaign seeks to use fresh, edgy messaging to encourage Americans to take kidney disease seriously.

Although many of these symptoms are not specific to kidney disease, if you are concerned about them it is important to seek medical advice.

About 20 per cent of India's youth suffer from hypertension which makes them 40 percent more vulnerable to kidney damage and cardiac arrest.

"Obesity may cause chronic kidney disease in a variety of ways".

"The best means to fight chronic kidney disease is prevention: it is thus paramount to identify and to treat all of its possible risk factors, such as obesity".

"Increasing the number of kidney transplants is important as we know that for many recipients it will lead to a much more independent, active and usually longer life".

Thursday, 9 March marks the 12th celebration of World Kidney Day, and this year's theme is "Kidney Disease and Obesity".

The report, titled "Obesity and Chronic Kidney Disease: the Hidden Impact", shows nearly two million Australian adults have at least one clinical sign of chronic kidney disease yet 90 per cent don't know it. Its primary role is to remove toxins and excess fluids from the body through urine, and also maintain a good balance of body salts and other chemicals. When less blood reaches the kidneys, it impairs their ability to function properly. African Americans are 3 ½ times more likely, and Hispanics 1 ½ times more likely, to experience kidney failure. "This will help us control our weight, which will help prevent lifestyle related conditions like diabetes, hypertension and some cancers, as well as safeguard our kidneys". Almost one-fifth of severely obese teens have poor kidney function. Therefore, everyone should be aware of the signs and symptoms, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. We are also exploring how damage is repaired in the kidney - the implicated cell types and limits to normal fix processes. "However, if you experience kidney failure, your kidneys might not be able to do this effectively, and therefore, dialysis can assist with this process", Dr Tomson said. A little larger than a quarter and about the same thickness, the simple, low-priced device analyzes key biomarkers to help a person decide quickly if any adjustments, such as drinking more water or replenishing electrolytes, need to be made or if something if medically awry.

"As a 67-year-old organization, we're trying to refresh our approach to reach a younger demographic which doesn't realize how unsafe kidney disease can be", added Longino.

  • Lila Blake