Diddy pays tribute to the Notorious BIG 20 years after his death

"The first time I met B.I.G., I brought him to this soul food restaurant called Sylvia's up in Harlem, and the first thing that I remember was how, like, big and black he was", he recalled. "We're celebrating his life through his music and through his legacy today", Diddy says in a video posted on Instagram. Wallace was killed before the release of his second album, Life After Death.

It's no secret why so many MCs, artists and personalities honor the late, great Frank White in song, art and other ways. "We just decided not to continue paying money to make them admit they know what happened", she added.

Evans appeared on the morning radio show, The Breakfast Club, Thursday morning, and was asked if she and Biggie's family are still looking for closure in a murder that is still unsolved, according to ABC News.

Peace out to Brooklyn! Puff Daddy and Biggie's mom Voletta Wallace will be there for pre-game and halftime ceremonies, and Biggie's tour DJ DJ Enuff will perform at halftime as well.

"It brings so much joy to my heart that my son Christopher's music has made such an impact on the music community", said Wallace in a statement.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the death of one of the most influential and beloved rappers to ever hold a microphone: The Notorious B.I.G. The rapper was murdered on March 9, 1997, in Los Angeles in a drive-by shooting.

He described his first meeting with Biggie at a soul food restaurant in Harlem, saying, "The first thing I remember was how big and black he was", in contrast to numerous rappers who had gone mainstream by the 1990s. "His stories have positively inspired so many young men and women over the years, and still influencing the youth all over the world today". "And it's not just me that is devastated - his sister T'yanna hurts every day because of his [death]". "He may not be here, but his memory is etched in me for life".

  • Ernesto Newman