Congresswoman: Trump's Coast Guard, FEMA cuts "reckless"

"A dramatic cut of such magnitude is appalling and should alarm Americans given the Coast Guard's complex and expansive mission in protection of America's shores and waterways".

"Now they would have to figure out how to do their job with significantly less resources", he said. Some of them don't at all, especially the cuts to the Coast Guard.

Media reports, including a story from Business Insider, have said that Trump's budget proposal could include up to $1.3 billion in cuts to the Coast Guard and its operations, according to LoBiondo's press release.

During his campaign, he repeatedly said that Mexico would pay for the wall, but at this point, that doesn't look like a real possibility.

To be clear, this is just part of a major funding shift away from "the Coast Guard, the Transportation Security Administration and other agencies focused on national security threats" as the Washington Post puts it. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had said the estimated cost of the wall was between $12 billion and $15 billion.

Donald Trump wants to free up money for his border wall by mulling cuts to the Coast Guard, TSA, Secret Service and FEMA.

For example, in fiscal 2016, the Coast Guard intercepted 6,346 undocumented migrants, patrolled 3.4 million square nautical miles and removed 201 metric tons of cocaine and 52,613 pounds of marijuana worth an estimated $5.9 billion, spokeswoman Lt. Amy Midgett said. The plan would also cancel a contract to build a $500 million National Security Cutter. For Hampton Roads, these proposed cuts are specifically alarming, because of the Coast Guard base in Portsmouth, our airports in Norfolk and Newport News, and our region's vulnerability to hurricanes and nor'easters.

Democrats slammed President Trump on Wednesday for reportedly considering major funding cuts to national security for USA airports, train stations and ports, saying it would make the country more susceptible to terrorist attacks. Defense and security at the border are important. The coast guard is already woefully underfunded, even though it serves a critical mission that is on the front line of the efforts to protect our national security. "But you're damaging the national system that makes us the strongest country when it comes to being prepared for disasters".

And according to the administration's budget plans, Mexico isn't paying for Trump's priorities; the Coast Guard is. "The President and his Cabinet are working collaboratively as we speak to create a budget that keeps the President's promises".

  • Tracy Ferguson