Three more mumps cases confirmed in Toronto

There are three confirmed cases at Barrington High School.

With the addition of the two new cases, the total number of possible and confirmed cases of mumps in Lake County stands at 32. The mumps diagnosis by the city's Department of Public Health is only preliminary, and CPS says it will work with the department to take whatever precautionary measures it needs to, the report added.

"Not terribly concerned, but I'm kind of surprised to see how many cases there are in Barrington", said parent Melissa Proepsting.

Good hygiene is also key, health officials say, and maintenance staff at the school has been instructed to focus on "high touch" surfaces in the building. An Arlington Heights middle school reported a possible case, but the student's test results came back negative for the mumps Tuesday.

The mumps virus is spread when a person with the illness coughs or sneezes nearby, or shares food or drinks with other people.

"We've done some thorough cleaning of our facilities, especially over the weekend when no one was in the building, we were cleaning with a bleach based solution and focusing on the high touch areas like door knobs, bathrooms tables and chairs", said Morgan Delack of Barrington School District 220. Mumps is contagious, so stay home for five days after swelling begins. "Students who are not up-to-date with mumps vaccinations can be excluded from school".

Symptoms of mumps include swelling and pain in the jaw, fever, headache, tiredness, aching muscles and joints, and vomiting.

  • Lila Blake