Riot awarded $10 million following lawsuit against LeagueSharp

Additionally, all of LeagueSharp's software has been banned.

Riot, the company behind League of Legends, has won a $US10 ($13) million payout (and then some) following victory in a court case against LeagueSharp, the creators of a bot and scripting service that let its users cheat in LoL matches. Filed back in August 2016, this lawsuit concerned LeagueSharp's hacking tools which allegedly allowed players to automate games of League of Legends, in order to artificially inflate their player rank. Leaguesharp reportedly made profits upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. LeagueSharp's services also violated the terms of use agreement for League of Legends, which prevents the utilization third-party software such as automation programs. According to Engadget, LeagueSharp reportedly attacked Riot's servers and revealed the personal information of a Riot Games employee. LeagueSharp was reportedly shut down in January, but details of the settlement have only recently emerged.

Because of this, Riot went forward through the justice system and the popular game developer cashed in a $10 million payout and a court-ordered ban towards LeagueSharp. That's an awfully big chunk of money, but Leaguesharp was hardly giving its wares away: its "limited" subscription service cost $15 per month, while the unlimited license, with no cap on the number of games that could be played daily, was $50 per month. Game companies are in a neverending battle against cheating services who always seem to be one step ahead. There will always be those looking for an unfair advantage over legitimate players.

  • Tracy Ferguson