Google Pixel 2 Releasing This Year And Will Be Expensive

He talked about the possibility of porting Google Assistant to other devices, including iPhones, after announcing that it would be available on Android Wear 2.0, Android TV, and Android Auto platforms.

Among these improved features is Google Assistant's capability to converse with its users using common language, unlike Google Now's keyword-focused input.

At MWC this year, Google announced that its AI-powered Google Assistant will be freed from the shackles of Pixel phones and roll out to other Android devices running Android Marshmallow and Android Nougat. Google's mission to get its new AI assistant in as many hands as possible won't end with Android, of course, and now we have our strongest indication yet that Assistant is on its way to the iPhone. Luckily, that means most of you who didn't spend $50 on your phone will get the Assistant when the update reaches your device. LG's newly launched G6 flagship also has built-in Google Assistant. Canadians and Australians will be the next customers to get the AI, while Germans will see the feature in their native tongue at some point down the road.

And, with this update, as we mentioned earlier, Google Assistant is there at your fingertips, ready to answer your doubts and give you inputs.

Users on Google Play version 10.2.98 or higher will find that Google Assistant is activated today.

After a very successful launch of their first smartphone Google has now confirmed a Pixel 2 is coming later this year. Those are all logical extensions that Google could easily deploy without too much trouble.

Once updated with Google Assistant, the users can communicate with the phone like a normal one-on-one conversation with another person and can continue the conversation as long as they want.

Google assistant is the search giant's latest attempt at competing with Cortana and Siri in the digital assistant space. What is really the Google Assistant's killer capability, however, is its "Actions", the A.I. -driven voice assistant's capability to link itself to a larger, more open ecosystem, similar to Alexa's "Skills".

  • Patricia Jimenez