Three More Flu Deaths in Tulsa County

Gallagher also says everybody has a responsibility to help protect those who may be at a high risk of flu complications such as hospitalization or death.

Some county health directors do not publicly report flu deaths, citing patient privacy policies or state DHHS directives.

Despite the relatively mild winter, the flu has been an issue across the state, with the Ohio Department of Health reporting 742 new confirmed influenza-associated hospitalizations in the last week, up from the 576 new hospitalizations reported the week before. During the following season (2013-2014), when H1N1 viruses dominated and the standard-dose vaccine had better effectiveness than the previous season, the high-dose vaccine was not significantly better at preventing deaths among the Medicare patients studied.

The OSDH reports that 1,664 people have been hospitalized during the flu season that began September 1, 2016, 116 of those in the last week.

One of the other four Forsyth victims was Autumn Savannah Jessup, 12, a seventh-grade student at Jefferson Middle School who died February 14, said James Womack, a funeral attendant at Perry-Spencer Funeral Home Madison. The findings build on earlier research suggesting that the high-dose vaccine may be better at preventing influenza virus infections and other flu-related outcomes in seniors, including office visits and hospitalizations, compared to the standard-dose vaccine. By staying home, the agency stresses that means not going to school or work, shopping, social events, public gatherings, travel or any other activity that may expose others. If you sneeze or cough, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue. Oklahoma remains in a "widespread" flu activity category. Flu activity in Tennessee, Montana, Washington, Oregon and Hawaii has been deemed "regional", while in Utah is has been classified as "sporadic".

  • Lila Blake