Phil Spencer Talks About the Potential for a Portable Xbox

It aims to give developers the freedom to create their games using existing tools and publish them without having to go through any pre-checks. At the GDC 2017 event, the Redmond, Washington based tech company unleashed the Xbox Live Creators Program, which essentially opens the door to game developers for mass publishing on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, according to IGN.

Wanting to strike a balance between presenting a new console and games sounds like a great plan to me.

Apart from that, Xbox Game Pass enlarges the Microsoft's Xbox Live Gold program, which provides a handful of free game downloads every month for users that spend $60 a year. "That's why games on Xbox Game Pass will be downloaded to your Xbox One, providing fans with a native, full-fidelity gaming experience and the ability to play downloaded games offline for up to 30 days". The stock was down 4 percent in early trading Tuesday as news of Xbox Game Pass spread. Only a small number of games have been confirmed so far however. This was to be expected since Sony has already proven that console systems are able of running VR games and content with its PS VR.

The Xbox One Scorpio launch, if it will be coming out at the same time as other games, has a lot of hype to live up to. Xbox One Scorpio launches this Holiday season. Up to 20% exclusive will be offered for Xbox One game purchases and 10% on all related add-ons.

Microsoft recently announced their new Xbox Game Pass service, which will be giving players "unlimited access" to Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles.

He also talked about Microsoft's move from Monday to Sunday for its annual E3 press conference, noting that the company wanted room to breathe on its news. "When people see games on Scorpio, for those that are close to the detail, they're going to see a demonstrable difference between that and the games that they're playing now-on any console".

Xbox Live is an appealing storefront for potential game-makers, considering it's a curated store used by a large community.

  • Tracy Ferguson