Ubisoft announces AAA Avatar game to expand movie universe

Massive Entertainment in Malmö, southern Sweden, will develop a new game placing gamers on Pandora, the fictional planet where Avatar - the highest-grossing film of all time - is set.

Ubisoft had recently announced that James Cameron's Avatar reportedly under work again in the development at The Division studio Ubisoft Massive.

Part of what brought James Cameron's team on in the first place was the Snowdrop engine. An early prototype running on Snowdrop convinced Cameron to sign up with Massive, but those are the only solid details we know about the game's progress so far.

On February 28th, 2017, entering the alien world of James Cameron's Avatar becomes suddenly possible to video game fans.

The team at Massive is now recruiting for positions on the Avatar game. All we're told is that it'll run on the impressive Snowdrop engine, and will make its way to "PC and consoles" sometime in the future. His huge scaled blockbuster epic, Avatar, was a gargantuan success when it was released in 2009.

Massive Entertainment, the developers of The Division, are creating a new AAA-game based on Avatar.

Massive and Lightstorm are working together, according to the announcement to expand the universe of the franchise and give players the freedom to learn about the world of Pandora in new ways. You can find a list of open positions at their official website. It is the lead engine on multiple unannounced Ubisoft titles as well as the engine behind the development of The Division.

"It fits really well with many of things we are interested in: ecology, sustainability, fighting for what you believe in".

  • Tracy Ferguson