Pokemon GO To Get Three Major Content Updates In 2017

Niantic Inc., a San Francisco startup, will unveil three new updates to Pokemon Go this year, plus a new version of its original game Ingress, seeking to build on the success of its augmented reality offerings. When asked about the new releases, Hanke said that Niantic has scheduled a significant update for every quarter of 2017.

As for the timing, VG24/7 reports that Niantic will, in theory, push through with the updates when they are ready, but if Generation 2 would count as the first of four major updates in 2017, it would make sense to separate them out by about three months a piece.

Much like the Santa Pikachus that appeared over Christmas, Pokemon Go will be host to Pikachus in Party hats from today till 6 March! There is also the likelihood of 3rd generation Pokemons rolling out by the end of the year. In light of that fact, Niantic's CEO was possibly talking about general content categories that the mobile game developer is planning to add to Pokemon GO this year. Apparently a new gym system is also being talked about.

Other Pokemon Day celebrations include the launch of a new Gallery Figures collection featuring toys for Eevee, Mew, Magikarp, and of course, Pikachu. How about a complete gym overhaul and the implementation of a PvP system?

"The products we are building we think are the games that drive demand for AR", Hanke said. Niantic revealed this Info in a recent update that a Special Pokemon Day update will be available from 26th February and this update will release Pokemon Go Day Pikachu (a special Pikachu) and various other Pokemon in the wild.

With a total of 5.4 billion miles walked. And players have used a staggering 44 petabytes of mobile data while playing-enough to bust even the biggest data allowance and equal to about 15 times the digital holdings of the Library of Congress. 35,000 retail spots have become sponsored locations for PokeStops in the game, which has so far received a total of 500 million visits.

  • Patricia Jimenez