AT&T Unlimited Plan Improved In Response To Rivals

Here's the new deal: The first unlimited line is $90 per month, two lines are $145 per month, and then each additional line is an extra $20 per month.

With AT&T's original unlimited data plan, it decided not to include mobile hotspot, which was a unusual decision considering Verizon and T-Mobile offered it.

They're offering an Unlimited Choice plan, too. They've been competitively priced to keep Verizon and T-Mobile in check. T-Mobile's plan is a bit cheaper than AT&T's Unlimited Plus plan and doesn't start throttling until you hit 28GB in a month.

Verizon is launching a new promotion, giving Fios customers Dollars 250 when activating a new service on Verizon Unlimited. In the United States, Verizon is the top player in six different categories and all of them are strictly needed for the customers, and these categories are text performance, data performance, call performance, network speed, network reliability and overall performance.

AT&T's new Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Choice plan give new and existing subscribes more uncapped data options than before. It's good to see the major USA carriers going head-to-head with unlimited data offers, and now AT&T customers are getting a better unlimited plan thanks to that competition that's heating up. AT&T is the latest to add an unlimited option to its lineup with its new "Unlimited Choice" plan. Starting on March 2, AT&T's new plans get a price drop and add tethering, but there are some catches. But Sprint offers 10GB of mobile hotspot data, while the Choice plan doesn't offer tethering at all.

For a limited time, AT&T Unlimited Plus customers can also receive a $25 billing credit towards DirecTV, DirecTV NOW, or AT&T U-verse each month. Other than providing details on the specs and features of the LG G6, there is no information available on the different kinds of plans LG G6 on AT&T's site.

AT&T's option to include access to DirecTV and DirecTV Now is part of its broader strategy to get customers thinking of it as more than just a phone company. This means that a plan with four lines will now cost $185 or $46 per line. But DirecTV Now customers, who weren't previously eligible for an unlimited wireless benefit before, can also get the bill credit, which can lower the monthly cost of that service to as little as $10 a month once the credit kicks in.

  • Patricia Jimenez