Monopoly Set to Remove One of Its Most Iconic Game Pieces

While other tokens have been phased out and added throughout the years, both the iron and the thimble were included in the game from the start.

Tragically it was the thimble that received the least votes, with makers of the game Hasbro announcing the news it is removing the playing piece. Monopoly announced today that the thimble, which has been a standard token since the game was released in 1935, will be removed from future editions.

After more than 4 million votes cast by the public, the thimble failed to make the cut, it said.

So far, new monopoly tokens could include a penguin, rubber ducky, bunny slipper, an emoji, and even a hashtag symbol.

Hasbro will reveal the final results of its fan vote on World Monopoly Day, March 19.

Besides the jettisoned thimble, Monopoly's other pieces include a dog, shoe, top hat, wheelbarrow, cat, race auto and battleship.

The change comes as part of a larger push by the toy company to refresh the tokens, which involved a recent online voting campaign.

"But it isn't as relevant to modern America - unlike other older tokens like the auto or boot". As to what will replace the Thimble, there are a medley of potential candidates that were nominated for inclusion in the next-gen take on the game - ranging from a Tyrannosaurus Rex to Sliced Bread. And the new games roll out in August.

  • Elsie Buchanan