US Bridges Deficient By Tens Of Thousands

Although the numbers of deficient bridges have declined in recent years, the American Road & Transportation Builders Association's analysis of transportation department data shows more than 55,000 bridges in the USA have been deemed deficient.

The group's analysis of transportation department data shows that motorists cross deficient bridges about 185 million times a day.

It counted 55,710 bridges in the US that were structurally compromised. Vehicles cross underperforming USA spans 185 million times a day.

Iowa (4,968), Pennsylvania (4,506), Oklahoma (3,460), Missouri (3,195), Nebraska (2,361), IL (2,243), Kansas (2,151), MS (2,098), OH (1,942) and NY (1,928) have the most structurally deficient bridges.

The state has already identified 4,075 bridges that need fix, which comes with a price tag of $12 billion.

Almost 400 of the structurally deficient bridges have load and weight restrictions for vehicles crossing the structure.

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The eight states where at least 15% of the bridges are deficient are: Rhode Island at 25%, Pennsylvania at 21%, Iowa and South Dakota at 20%, West Virginia at 17%, and Nebraska, North Dakota and Oklahoma at 15%.

The highway trust fund that funds the construction and maintenance of America's highway system has been unable to meet the demands of said system to cope with the rising efficiency of cars.

"It is outdated, overused, underfunded and in desperate need of modernization", Black said.

She also mentioned that specialized departments have not been provided with the needed resources to keep up with the nation's needs. Wall Street expects major spending in that area in the months ahead, one reason for the stock market's current lofty elevation.

The report does not release information on each bridge that is considered to be structurally deficient, but it did release which ones are the most traveled structurally deficient bridges. They are rated on a scale of zero to nine-with nine meaning the bridge is in "excellent" condition. While the bridges might not be immediately unsafe, ARTBA says they do need attention. The ones with the lowest are Washington D.C., Nevada, Delaware, Hawaii and Utah.

  • Todd Kelly