Facebook videos now play with sound by default

Facebook Engineering Manager Alex Li and Product Manager Dana Sittler announced the change in a Tuesday blog post, writing that "as people watch more video on phones, they've come to expect sound when the volume on their device is turned on".

Some users are sure to be annoyed by the change to autoplaying audio in the News Feed that Facebook announced yesterday.

If you want to watch a video while continuing to scroll through your feed, you can minimize the video into a small picture-in-picture window that hovers over your news feed.

Facebook's next target platform is everyone's TVs, after staking a firm foothold in both desktop and mobile spaces. With the app, users can watch videos shared by friends or Pages they follow, top live videos from around the world and recommended videos based on their interests.

He said that Facebook users often hoard videos for later viewing, and that the cache manages to stack up, with the user failing to find the right time to finish them all.

When Facebook first started rolling out auto-play videos on timelines, it mercifully muted the footage by default.

These concerns are recognized by the company, as Dan Rose (Facebook's vice president of partnerships) mentioned at Recode's Code Media conference by stating their goal is to remain user-friendly and that the app will always respect the user's phone settings: "if sound is on your phone, we'll default to sound on rather than off".

The forthcoming app could serve Facebook in securing more advertising revenue out of the $70 billion television advertising market. The service, too, could potentially feature longer, more compelling programming, the licensing for which is already being considered by Facebook as it approaches media companies. Improvements to the Facebook app make watching videos easier with a bevvy of brand new video features. Facebook has taken that demand and made the format a rising priority for the company, which will be integrated for consumer features and advertisements. "We look forward to seeing how people use the app to enjoy Facebook videos in a new way". The PIP window will keep playing as you scroll. After testing sound on in News Feed and hearing positive feedback, we're slowly bringing it to more people. In iOS, go to Settings Account Settings Sound, and disable the "Videos In News Feed Start With Sound" option.

  • Patricia Jimenez