'The Bachelor': Corinne's caper backfires, Raven gets a rose

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Anxiety had clouded his thought-process, forcing him to doubt that he would even find his wife in the remaining pack of six - which then frightened the women, who anxious he was going to give up completely.

Vanessa scored the first one-on-one date, taking a yacht to the site of a shipwreck to do some snorkeling and underwater kissing with Nick.

Corinne Olympios defines the villain everyone loves to hate on this drama-filled season of "The Bachelor". Of course, it's a fake out. Last week, we ended on the most dramatic cliffhanger ever, with Nick saying he isn't sure he could still do this. She was scooped up for a biking adventure on what was supposed to be a relaxing day getting to know each other the week before hometown dates, but the two struggled to even have a natural conversation. Her date was a sea expedition, avoiding a repeat of her space simulator sickness. In a desperate attempt to secure a hometown date, Corinne got all dolled up to sneak over to Nick's room and try and seduce him. Aww, that's nice. And then, just as the paramedics are about to rush into the room with an oxygen machine for whichever girl starts hyperventilating out of panic, Nick switches gears and tells that he feels a connection and he's excited about "all of you women". So will Corinne get a Bachelor hometown date? The foursome don snorkel masks and swim with sharks. While this move would seem like a recipe for disaster, it doesn't go too bad for Corinne as she somehow makes it to the final four even after Nick rejects her advances. Corinne's reaction to her alleged elimination was not revealed on the blog.

Although producers could cut the argument from tonight's episode, Steve claims that it did happen and he calls it the "Blow up in Bimini" and it will prove his theory that not everyone on the show was a fan of Vanessa. Although she expounds on how "easy" it is to be with Nick, their conversation quickly becomes halting, which may be because they're both distracted by the woven straw coozies that someone has equipped their beer bottles with. While sugar-sweet Danielle felt the pair had "fallen into this rhythm" that "feels good", Nick found the date lackluster. "I am one lucky guy right now", Nick said, not sounding at all sleazy.

"My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum", she continues.

Having fully developed her plot, Corinne snuck out of the villa and headed towards Nick's hotel room. Corinne is totally immature and doesn't seem ready for marriage. While Corinne is scared that she will be the next one to go, Nick decided that he has no need for a rose ceremony as he knows who to say goodbye to. "I'm the last one on the totem pole here".

While Rachel and Nick make the most of their casual, one-on-one date, Nick realizes the next rose ceremony will be the turning point of his journey as he'll be meeting the family of his potential bride-to-be.

She didn't say "I love you".

Though Team Two may be dead in the water, Kristina didn't let this ship go down without a fight.

When Nick broached the topic of hometown dates he asked, "Would we go back to Wisconsin?" "You can't fake your way through it", he said.

  • Ernesto Newman