'Morning Joe' Rips Trump Advisor Stephen Miller: 'Maybe He's Just Stupid'

Trump senior policy adviser and ambulatory mugshot Stephen Miller took to the Sunday shows yesterday to lie about election fraud again and generally remind Americans that our fate lies in the hands of multiple incompetent psychopaths.

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity blasted MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough on Twitter over his criticism of one of President Donald Trump's top advisers.

"That is the worst performance of anyone".

'They are questioned, my young "Little Miller", Scarborough jabbed on Monday.

"Maybe he's just stupid".

But critics have pointed to a series of troubling statements by Miller that displayed contempt for basic constitutional principles and, like Trump's more prominent spokesperson Kellyanne Conway, reek of dishonesty. Coons said his claim showed a "striking lack of understanding of the structure of our government", to which Mika Brzezinski can be heard muttering, "that's a nice way of putting it", and "a complete lack of respect for judicial independence".

For instance, Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert spent Monday night making fun of his asshole handshake move, his first (of likely many) ignominious team member resignation, and his obsession with imaginary voter fraud.

Well, Morning Joe's Joe Scarborough couldn't believe that Trump was praising "that kid who embarrassed the White House this morning".

'I would hope the President of the United States would give him - fill up his lunch box, put him in the corner, put him at his desk and have him read the United States Constitution, have him read the Federalist Papers, ' Scarborough added. 'It's much worse than I ever thought'.

  • Ernesto Newman