Heart Bombs on Valentine's Day

According to psychology junior Ashley Mortensen, Valentine's Day doesn't make her love her spouse more, but she does love being able to celebrate it with gifts. The festival was celebrated every year on February 15.

But do you all know the reason behind the celebration of this day? But the real goal behind the holiday is actually much more narrow than perceived. Lupercalia was considered an important holiday of religious observance and purification. I believe that we should celebrate and express our feelings towards those who have been there for us through various highs and lows, and extended their support. The young Luperci were then anointed with sacrificial blood using wool soaked in milk.

"Representation of Lupercal" From the portico of the Piazzale dei Corporazioni in Ostia, Antica. In fact, although the contemporary holiday is largely secular, the general population might be more able to identify the holiday's Christian origins rather than those tied uniquely to the ancient Roman religious practice.

To me, and this is my opinion obviously because I am writing an opinion column about it, but "V Day" is another day in the books. My Valentine's Day celebrations are never restricted.

I wish you could see yourself through my eyes and see and feel the way i do about you! While there may be some truth in that, the very first greeting cards of any kind where thought to have been handmade Valentine's cards that appeared in the 16th century. Valentine found the law unjust and continued to perform marriages between young men and women in secret. St. Valentine wasn't made a symbol for a cute crush on some random kid in one of your classes.

In China, single cynics began celebrating "Singles' Day" on November 11, but in 2009 the holiday became the country's version of Cyber Monday.

Men purchase about 75 percent of all the roses sold in the U.S.at this time every year.

It's renowned for being the 'most romantic day of the year. Priestess and author Lilith Dorsey told The Wild Hunt, "There is certainly some room for crossover appeal with this holiday". Valentine's Day is a day to recognize, appreciate and celebrate the magical thing we call love.

Apparently written by Phil Anselmo about a previous relationship which had left him "really mad", This Love is one of the stand-out tracks from 1992's Vulgar Display Of Power. I know this sounds odd, but this is a person you once loved, and for many-especially those of us with children-someone who remains involved in your life.

Flowers have long symbolized love, marriage, romance and fertility. Waiting until the right time to do that is the best way to say I love you. "We should observe it in all forms whether it is the love for a partner, friend, pet, or family member and spend some time with them".

Share Valentine's Day traditions. Chocolate and flowers are great, but eventually those dwindle away.

Love is our true destiny.

Some women said they think men might feel more pressure on Valentine's Day because of preconceived expectations.

If your relationship has been contingent upon one of you putting up with nonsense, then there goes a valentine.

  • Tracy Ferguson