FAA investigating airplane incident reported to involve actor Harrison Ford

Ford was on final approach at John Wayne Airport in Orange County Monday when he mistook a taxiway for the runway.

Harrison Ford narrowly missed striking a packed passenger jet carrying 116 people after getting confused over where he was supposed to land, according to reports. The plane, headed for Dallas, safely departed the airport minutes after the close call.

Ford reportedly asked air traffic controllers, "Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?" Air traffic control then informed the actor that he inadvertently landed on a taxiway with awaiting aircraft instead of the runway he was instructed to head toward. According to NBC anchor Tom Costello, the FAA is opening an investigation into the incident.

One of America's most beloved actors, Harrison Ford, was involved in a plane incident Tuesday afternoon.

An airplane sits on the ground after crash landing at Penmar Golf Course in Venice, Los Angeles California March 5, 2015.

That 737 is reported to have taken off without incident, according to NBC News.

Ford, an experienced pilot, was flying a single-engine Husky.

They told him that he had landed on a taxiway rather than a runway.

The actor crash-landed a helicopter in Ventura County during a lesson in 1999, NBC News reported. And in 2000, Ford's six-seater Beechcraft Bonanza scraped the runway during an emergency landing at Nebraska's Lincoln Municipal Airport. John Wayne Airport officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment. NBC noted he's even been inducted as a Living Legend of Aviation.

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