Chance The Rapper Wins Best New Artist, Thanks God, Parents

The artist also performed two of his songs from latest album entitled "Coloring Book". It was the first streaming-only album to win a Grammy. Yet the rapper doesn't care about missing out on lucrative profits.

While others used their few minutes of live TV to talk about politics, Chance kept his music, faith and love for his daughter front and center. He shouted out Chicago, his mom and dad, his brother and his kids in his thank you speech. With his signature tan "3" baseball hat-an homage to his third mixtape-topping off the look, the result was both polished and unstudied for the big victor. And those are backordered with a three-week wait.

Streaming is now legit, and the music industry knows it. While this isn't the first time that an artist has received such recognition, it begs greater celebration since Chance's current involvement in both politics and performance. When asked about his transformation on The Coloring Book in a radio interview, Chance shared a personal story. "I'm hearing unbelievable things about [the] tour". Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg and Just Blaze were among big names who expressed their support for Chance's victories.

Having considered a career in music throughout his high school years, Chancelor Bennett, aka Chance the Rapper, used a 10-day suspension during his senior year to record his debut mix-tape, "10 Day". According to the Rolling Stone website, Chance The Rapper - who brought home the best new artist award - was the first African-American artist to win that award since Lauryn Hill won it in 1999.

The Thin White Duke's older songs, including Let's Dance and Under Pressure, have become mainstream hits here.

At one point, he even exhorted the crowd and told them to stand up for his God because He is worthy to be honored.

He does this because, as an independent artist, Chance realizes the necessity of creating what you want to. Chance's raw salvation is enlightening; and for us, it represents the true process and messiness of salvation.

"I didn't think I was going to get this one so I don't have cool stuff to say", he said after picking up best rap album. The path to that often includes the troubled Soundcloud, the streaming that gives emerging artists a platform.

Chance has been active in the fight against gun violence in Chicago.

  • Ernesto Newman