Amazon launches Chime, a video conferencing and communications service for business

A lot of this stems from the reselling of cloud apps through the AWS Marketplace, which now supports over 3,500 products (Amazon often takes a 20% cut).

So far all conference calls and meetings via video conference have been synonymous with Skype, the famous application that practically most of us have installed and used on our devices. It uses noise-cancelling wideband audio, which Amazon says allows it to deliver high quality audio and video experiences.

If one device fails, users also have the ability to switch between devices even as the meeting is going on - and you do not need to remember a long PIN to join such calls. The service offers a host of different features that is unique to Amazon's ecosystem. Any user has the ability to mute a noisy participant. By comparison, the basic plan allows video calls between two people, while the chat feature is free. The Plus Edition includes user management feature that is priced at $2.50 per user/month, suitable for businesses; this tool helps in managing e-mails and other work tasks.

A Basic version of Amazon Chime is available to use for free with support for up to two people in video calls, plus chat and chat room access. There is also a rate per minute for conference call dial ins, which in the $0.003 or $0.012 for toll-free.

'We normally have to proactively push adoption for new tools to employees, but after starting a pilot of Amazon Chime, we quickly saw interest grow, with internal adoption now reaching 90 percent of our corporate staff without any formal rollout or training'. University attacked by its own vending machines, smart light bulbs & 5,000 IoT devices +. Industry players in the market include Microsoft, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, and Cisco Systems, NEC Corporation, Siemens, and ShoreTel, with other unified communications as a service startups joining the market as well.

With Chime, Amazon is entering a crowded market. Amazon threw shade on the competition by calling existing solutions "clunky and hard to use", oftentimes with grainy video, frequent disconnects, and poor audio with constant background noise. AWS has been fast paced when it comes to expanding its offering and previously they have announced a business intelligence suite called QuickSight, WorkMail and an email and Calendar service. In other words, it's a direct competitor with Skype and Google Hangouts, and a major blow to any company offering an expensive enterprise-focused meeting software/service.

  • Patricia Jimenez