'The Walking Dead': 3 Fan Theories on New Mystery Group

However, in "Rock in the Road", he's not quite there yet, though with some convincing, he should be on Team Rick in no time.

Thankfully, it seems like The Walking Dead is finally returning to the show we all fell in love with in the first place. And can you imagine The Walking Dead without Andrew Lincoln? There's a reason why the Governor was able to overtake the jail back in the day. On the bright side, he offers to protect Daryl from Negan; the Saviors are forbidden from setting foot inside the Kingdom, but who knows how long that rule will hold. That will probably change very soon, but for the time being, it was fun getting to see the different groups interact with one another, with a particular highlight being the moments that Rick and Ezekiel shared. King Ezekiel, rather. Rick lays out the argument for why it's time to strike out against the Saviors, articulating the case by way of a parable he heard when he was younger.

However, the mood was quickly brought back down as the Saviors showed up nearly immediately and began ransacking Alexandria in search of Daryl, making it clear that he would never be safe there again. With a little game of track quickly deciphered by Rick, Father Gabriel drew them out of Alexandria and directly at the Garbage Kids.

"Negan, I need to talk to you about redirect", the man tells a none-too-pleased Negan. But this new group are scavengers who are more adept at fighting than creating a community that resembles the communities of the old world.

Mr. Grimes actually smiles because he's recruiting peeps to take on Negan.

Plus Rick is resourceful and quick-thinking - remember how he and Michonne tore through that walker herd?

Despite the pleas by Benjamin and Richard, Ezekiel greeted Rick and his group the following morning and told them he could not send his people into battle. Dwight and his lady are ready.

When Rick smiles, signalling that everything might end up okay in the end, we can't help but smile right along with him.

Let's face it, Negan and the Saviors are just big bullies.

They just walk away and continue to make threats. "Do you want to leave, just turn our backs?"

Perhaps it is because Ezekiel himself is not prepared and is hiding behind the previous losses the Kingdom has already suffered.

In the comics, the sheriff and Jesus forge a secret plan to take out Negan by making him believe they're weak, so the bad guys will never expect a strike.

Though Ezekiel leads a peaceful kingdom, he lives a huge lie.

But what kind of ruler keeps lying to his kingdom?

Rick asked: 'Is that how you want to live?

Quiz: Which TV Vigilante Are You? . In fact, it should have left you feeling - oh, I don't know - the exact opposite of the premiere at the start of the season. Because of this, the show needs us to see eye-to-eye with him more than anyone else. The Saviors had duct taped dynamite to layers and layers of thick wire, attaching the wire to cars spanning a highway as a means of defense against hordes of walkers. "And he was like, 'That's even better, because it gives Rick and Michonne an opportunity after eight episodes of being at odds to do something together, to be on the same page once again'".

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