Automata "Glory to Mankind" Trailer Showcases Action-Packed Battle Scenes — NieR

The publisher Square Enix has been doing a great job recently by hiring all these third party devs to develop their IP and it looks like Nier Automata is going to be a great game. This new trailer shows the interaction between 2B and 9S, members of the elite android squad YoRHa.

The new Nier Automata, named Glory to Mankind 119450310, showcases a mix of dramatic story sequences and intense combat ones that will make fans of the series even more excited for the game.

In case you've yet to try the free demo now available on the PlayStation Store or just missed the memo, NieR: Automata puts you in the role of 2B, an android and member of the "elite" YoRHa organization tasked with helping the Resistance push back the machines and reclaim what has been lost. In the face of this insurmountable threat, the human race is driven from the earth and takes refuge on the moon. Automata, androids have become the protectors of the planet, and in a mission to serve humans, a particular unit shows the courage that few living, breathing beings can.

"I never quite realized how handsome this world is", the android known as "2B" says in the latest trailer as she stares off into a vista filled with skyscrapers long overtaken by the surrounding foliage. It will also have a PC release some time in 2017. The game's website also does not contain any details for the release date.

  • Tracy Ferguson