Video! Matt Damon Crashes 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' as Tom Brady

Instead, Brady was played by Kimmel's fake arch nemesis, Matt Damon. "He flew all the way from Houston". "I feel great", said Damon as Brady.

We suppose if you're going to try and sneak on to Jimmy Kimmel as Tom Brady and you have the costume lying around, you may as well try the night after the Super Bowl.

Fully decked out in Tom Brady's football jersey pretending to be the Super Bowl MVP, Matt Damon walked out onto the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' stage to the cheers and applause of the audience.

But Kimmel got suspicious after the athlete refused to remove his "lucky helmet", and, well... the ruse quickly came to an end. "I'd rather just keep it on".

"I want to thank God, because He hates Jimmy so much that He just made all this happen".

Damon then leapt around excitedly proclaiming: "I won the Super Bowl and I won your stupid show". Kimmel yelled as Damon was carried out, a reference to the Deflategate controversy that previously plagued Brady.

Kimmel disputed his success and branded him an "intruder" before having him escorted from the set.

After his removal, Damon chatted with sports reporter Rich Eisen, breathlessly declaring, "I've worked so hard for this and, you know, all the years of - I think it's 14 years of being in the dressing room and thinking, 'I'm gonna get out, ' and we never gave up".

  • Ernesto Newman