The new Fifty Shades Darker trailer teases Christian's dreamy proposal

This is quite unusual, considering the trailer for the Fifty Shades Of Grey sequel is decidedly non-PG.

So far, the numerous trailers for the second Fifty Shades of Grey film have been sex, sex and more sex - so it was probably about time Christian Grey showed off his more romantic side - with the blooming (predictable, we know) lovely proposal scene.

While Warner Bros.' LEGO Batman movie is expected to roll over Fifty Shades Darker here in the USA, $60M to $35M, overseas the E.L. James sequel is expected to win out potentially giving the romance pic the worldwide weekend win with $115M-$155M.

But while the "Fifty Shades Darker" prop team were able to make the toy, they couldn't make it consistently work. "Ana needs to be naïve, not a dish-rag". Some hotels even offered Fifty Shades getaway weekends. Like most of the world, he heard the news the day of.

But with E.L. James taking on a bigger role in the sequels, Fifty Shades fans hoped the chemistry problems would be fixed.

Deadline puts Fifty Shades \/em projections at $80 to $120 million, with LEGO Batman \/em getting about $40 million.

The 34-year-old actor bonded with Johnson while shooting for the erotic film, and this friendship between the two has made things comfortable for them. "I definitely felt more comfortable with being assertive and opinionated about the way certain scenes should go", Johnson said. Meanwhile, the first "Fifty Shades of Grey" earned $85 million during its opening weekend and made $166 million in the US. "I know what Dakota's going through the whole way through the movie and she knows what I'm going through".

  • Ernesto Newman