3 tornadoes touch down near New Orleans causing severe damage, injuries

She said they have heard reports of injuries but nothing that has been confirmed yet.

Facebook users can mark themselves as "safe" and a notification will be sent out to family and friends.

According to WVUE Fox 8, severe weather and tornadoes have inflicted damage to several homes and businesses in New Orleans.

"About 200 cars were damaged, so local law enforcement are helping people to get home", McMahan said. She didn't immediately have any information on whether the homes that were destroyed were occupied when the storm struck.

Edwards will hold a news conference around 3 p.m.in New Orleans after touring areas hit by tornadoes.

He says, "It's bad".

"I was standing in front of the building at first and I seen something black, twisting", Kevin Ballard said. One driver was trapped in his truck by power lines that wrapped around the cab.

Thomas said he saw the twister approaching grabbed his motorcycle helmet and then ran into his bathroom.

The National Weather Service said that a risky tornado was down in New Orleans East at 11:33 a.m.

One warning described a "large, extremely risky and potentially deadly" twister south of Hammond, Louisiana.

Very large hail, strong winds and tornadoes will be possible in the lower Mississippi River Valley and central Gulf Coast states through Tuesday evening, according to the weather service. NOPD is urging all residents to find shelter and stay clear of the streets until the tornado watch subsides. Check back for updates.

  • Tracy Ferguson