Microsoft joins Amazon in lawsuit over Trump's immigration ban

Washington state has filed a lawsuit to stop President Trump from carrying out his immigration Executive Order.

Minnesota is joining Washington state as a plaintiff in a lawsuit, filed Monday, that claims Trump's immigration travel ban is illegal.

Another Washington state company, Microsoft Corp, said it has been cooperating with the Attorney General's Office to provide information about the order's impact "in order to be supportive". The state is also asking for a temporary restraining order against enforcement of the order.

"No one is above the law-not even the President", said AG Ferguson.

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson will make an announcement in wake of an executive order by President Donald Trump barring refugees from several countries.

Trump has repeatedly said that Friday's order suspending immigration for citizens of the seven countries for 90 days is aimed at protecting the nation against extremists looking to attack Americans and U.S. interests.

The suit argues that Trump's order violates the first amendment's establishment clause, the constitution's guarantee of equal protection, the right of individuals to due process and that it violates the Immigration and Nationality Act. "In our view, the president is not adhering to the constitution when it comes to his executive action". "Our complaint will be supported by declarations from entities like Expedia and Amazon, in which they lay out the significant harm that this executive order imposes on their business and their employees".

"Attorney generals from 16 states - including New York, California, Pennsylvania, and Washington - released a joint statement Sunday condemning the order". "And we'd be happy to testify further if needed".

Governor Inslee said the "inhumanity" of Trump's order is obvious.

"President Trump may have his alternative facts, but alternative facts do not work in a courtroom", Inslee said.

Washington was the first state to file a lawsuit over the controversial immigration policy. "The clear intent of this executive order is to discriminate against one faith amongst all God's children".

Chaos broke out over the weekend as border and customs officials struggled to put the order into practice amid loud protests at major USA airports.

US Rep. Pramila Jayapal said on Sunday that two individuals were released.

Though Guterres' statement doesn't name Trump specifically, a statement released Wednesday by a group of United Nations experts does, and also warns that his order could subject those barred from entry to torture.

  • Tracy Ferguson