Make your bet and win!

Learn everything about your bookmaker, before you will make betting on horse racing.

You need to know everything about different types of bets. Carefully read the betting rules, study them. Be an expert! Read articles about what rate is preferable for your sport. Choosing a bookmaker, make sure that it gives favorable factors, that it is reliable and always fulfills its obligations. Ask an opinion of experienced gamblers. You can search the information online, and check all the bookmakers before you will come to one, that suits the best for you. You can do this.

Be very careful with your budget.

Clearly, define what the maximum bet you can make during the tennis betting. Decide what the size of a single bet will be (about one percent of the budget). Your budget should not exceed more than 5 percent of total revenues for the season. After all, you're just starting to play. If you will put too much in can bring into your life a lot of worrying. And never! Never! Do not make a bet on other people's money. Debts will have to be returned, and you may not have money for this.

Make the best bets.

There is no need to be the right a hundred percent all the time. It is possible that you will be right only 51 percent of cases and still remain in positive territory. Place your bets on the outcomes and events where you will be 100 percent winner. Do not make a bet only because of the high rates. First, you can select the events with the clear favorite. You will not take huge profits from it, but still, it will be.

Winning is the main. Choose the best bets, using your knowledge and common sense. And you will have a guaranteed profit.


  • Ernesto Newman