Britain warns of possible terrorist attacks in South Africa

"South Africa's vulnerability is increasing, and that is the concern".

Times Live reported that reactions from its readers were mixed.

"The South African government is fully capable of securing our country, protecting our people and taking care of the safety of foreign citizens on our soil".

The statement said that South Africa, as a sovereign peace-loving country, has always adopted a professional manner in engaging with other countries on these issues.

But some security experts have questioned South Africa's ability to deal with such a threat. And why would an internationally recognised terrorist group want to attack South Africa?

To this end, the South African government has demarched the affected embassies to register displeasure with the manner in which the matter was handled.

South Africa has a significant expatriate and tourist population that would be vulnerable to attacks on luxury hotels and shopping centres similar to those seen elsewhere on the continent.

When Opperman was asked what goal these terror alerts would serve, she said, "It is a play-it-safe tactic so when an attack should happen, they can claim to have done early warning to their citizens".

South Africa has protested to the US and British embassies after they issued alerts about possible miliant attacks which Pretoria said were based on "very sketchy" information.

"There is also no security agency anywhere in the world that could provide an assurance that a specific country faces no terror threat". "South Africa has some of the best-trained counter-terrorism officers". South Africa's security is open to similar failings.

Last month, a new message purporting to come from the spokesman of Islamic State called on followers to launch attacks on the West during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which begins in early June.

"Both in terms of sources of financing from older religious conservative generations and of a growing community of economically side-lined, mostly young Muslims", Robert Besseling, head of the EXX Africa business risk intelligence group said in a note.

Lisa Bathurst, director at Hurst & Wills in Cape Town says Camps Bay has fared incredibly well in recent financial downturns, where prices continue to increase, regardless of South Africa's economic woes.

Ukrainian security officials have detained a Frenchman who was allegedly planning to attack the Euro 2016 soccer tournament.

  • Elsie Buchanan