EgyptAir MS804: images of wreckage released

EgyptAir flight 804 from Paris to Cairo vanished off radar screens early on Thursday as it entered Egyptian airspace over the Mediterranean.

While Egypt's aviation minister has pointed to terrorism as more likely than technical failure, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said there was "absolutely no indication" of why the plane went down.

This picture posted Saturday, May 21, 2016, on the official Facebook page of the Egyptian military's spokesman shows part of the wreckage from EgyptAir flight 804.

A preliminary report into the tragedy "will be published in one month. and will include all the information gathered by the date of its publication", Ayman al-Moqadem, head of Egypt's Air Accidents Investigation department, was quoted by state-owned Al-Ahram newspaper as saying.


The EgyptAir security officials said the threatening graffiti had been the work of aviation workers at Cairo Airport who were disgruntled about the domestic Egyptian political situation at the time, the newspaper reported.


Sinai Province, the Egyptian affiliate of Islamic State, had immediately claimed the downing of a Russian passenger jet over Sinai in October, killing all 224 aboard.

According to the airline, 30 Egyptians and 15 French - along with two Iraqis, one Briton, one Belgian, one Portuguese, one Algerian, one Chadian, one Canadian, one Sudanese, one Kuwaiti and one Saudi national - had been aboard the ill-fated aircraft.


  • Elsie Buchanan