Make your bets on the next US president

Make your bets on the next US president


While Trump is planning to visit the United Kingdom, his opponents are gaining new scores.

Online betting has begun a long time ago, and everyone can make their prediction for the future head of the State. The president election will be in November, and there is a time to participate in great political betting offers online. You don’t have to choose the name of the candidate, if you are not sure, you can just pick the leading party. 

Until November, there is plenty of time for the candidates to show their best sides or to reveal the worst sides of their opponents. 

Hillary Clinton, for example, thinks that Trump is unsteady to be the president. And meantime, during the Nevada caucus, Trump is setting the picture of Hillary as a Joker. He does not stop in his chasing and now criticize not just Hillary, but his husband, ex-president Bill Clinton.

Probably, Clinton is very confident that she will beat her rival inside the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders during the primaries in Vermont. She turned all her attention to Trump. According to the latest national polls, Trump will compete with Hillary during the national election on November, 8.

He has chosen one of the best strategists for his campaign, Paul Manafort. And apparently even the bad reputation, the height of feminists, his offensive insults for many people, are giving him more votes.

Trump relies on veterans, promising new opportunities for them, he even hired Culvahouse, the republican veteran lawyer.

Clinton thinks that Trump does not have enough powers to deal with international threats, using the example of the downing of a plane that flew from Paris to Cairo. Trump’s reaction at Twitter on this situation was inappropriate.

She does not respond to Trump’s offensive statements about her husband, continuing to criticize his political statements.

Meanwhile, the Trump’s team is meeting with the conservatives from House of Representatives in searching for the good policy ideas. They had a very productive conversation and received the new allies. 

Trump received many victories from unexpected states. The people in New Jersey believe that thanks to his policy against the emigrants, America will be safe.

The same statement horrified many Americans and other people across the world. It called the reaction in online media. Many Americans stated that they will leave the country if Trump will win.

According to recent polls, Hillary Clinton is leading in the race. However, she still needs to win in her own party. We invite you to make your own prediction.


  • Jack Replman